FRequently Asked questions:

#1 Q: Will this diet help me lose weight? 

A: Caloric deficit is the path to weight loss, so with our macro system paired with our diet we can help you accomplish any weight goal whether it be weight loss or gain!

#2 Q: Are these meals healthy? 

A: Yes! Duh. 😂 Our diet is entirely made from whole foods that are dense in the crucial nutrients our bodies need to fight illness, regenerate cells, maintain healthy weight, and live long active lives.

#3 Q: Will this help me retain muscle? 

A: Yes! Nutrient dense diets such as ours are key to feeding & building muscle – this helps with cellulite, weight loss maintenance, and maintaining a youthful appearance. We can also customize your macros, get your macros calculated using our macro calculator

#4 Q: What if I can’t make it during normal business hours? 

A: Don’t fret! Contact Monti Smith @ 806-282-5434 for a personal solution!

#4 Q: Where is the menu??

A: Check out the EightyTwenty Menu Here!